How to make your Clutter look good

Most of the time I’ll tell you to get rid of your clutter.

But this time, I admit that there are certain things you absolutely need AND those things need to be out in the open.

So how do you make them look good?

Source: via Haley on Pinterest


Use a TRAY!

Put them on the kitchen counter for a mini home charging and catch-all station so your counter stays free:

Put them in the TV or living room:

Put them on your kitchen table:

Put them in the bathroom:


There you have it. Whenever you use a tray, your clutter seems magically transformed into a carefully curated collection!  It belongs.

Happy tray-ing.

2 thoughts on “How to make your Clutter look good

  1. Great idea, Cecily! Those crumbs are always driving ME nuts too! I’m so pleased you’re enjoying my blog! If you have any great ideas please let me know and I’ll feature them 🙂

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