How to make your clutter look good — Part 2

The last time I blogged about making clutter look good, I recommended using a tray to hold your stuff.

That way you’re utilizing your horizontal space well.

But in order to make the most of your VERTICAL space, which most people overlook, you need the second secret.

What is it?

Use hooks!

Here are a few great examples:

Laundry Room:


Kitchen or Entryway:

and my personal favorite…


get rid of those towel bars and use hooks instead!

this is a cool idea too… sew loops onto your towels in different colors to tell them apart for each person:


You can even retrofit your towel bar by hanging some S hooks onto it as this person did:


Other places:

  • on the backs of kids’ doors to hold bathrobes and PJs
  • on the wall near your sink to hold a kitchen towel
  • in the kitchen to hold utensils
  • behind your laundry room door to hold jackets or aprons

Where do YOU have hooks?