Hail storm

Had to share this photo from this morning:

Heard loud banging on the roof and sides of house and it woke me up. I thought my husband was knocking things over downstairs.  But it was this:

Please pray for all of the people affected by this!  We have yet to check our solar panels but the skylights seem to be OK.

My dad would be proud my first thought was, “Get the second car in the garage!” (in the space we usually store our bikes) and “We need to cover the skylights!” which he did with towels wearing a bike helmet.

1 thought on “Hail storm

  1. Ouch! I was once at a store when a storm with tennis-size hail descended– my (luckily) rental car looked like a golf ball afterward. (It took over a year to straighten out payments with insurance– groan). Bike helmet was extremely clever! Glad you’re all ok…

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