The #1 Organizing Myth

Sometimes I think that we all believe housework, like cooking and cleaning, should just be “done” on its own.

Source: via Aims on Pinterest


I mean, we go to a restaurant and can get food quickly served to us without having to see all the work that goes on behind the scenes.  We don’t even have to clean up!

But unfortunately, your home will not stay organized all by itself!


How many of us actually PLAN when to do cleaning and organizing on our calendars?

It’s just supposed to ‘happen’ when we don’t have something more pressing to do, right?

So here you have it.
The #1 Organizing Myth is:

Being organized should just ‘happen’.

It’s just not true.

  • It requires effort
  • It requires a plan
  • It requires consistency in following your plan.
  • It requires you to think of being organized as IMPORTANT.
  • It requires more than several fun trips to the Container Store.  Although I wish this part weren’t true!

However, all that effort has a HUGE PAYOFF.

Here’s what you gain*

  • 15 – 55 minutes per day NOT looking for ‘lost’ items
  • That peaceful feeling of looking around your clean, organized space
  • 6 weeks doing things you like instead of recuperating from surgery after breaking your leg tripping over stuff lying about on the floor
  • Having your whole family feel less stressed because they know where things are
  • Being able to do something you need to right away because you don’t have to clear off a spot first
  • Saving $250 a year NOT buying something you didn’t realize you already had
  • Saving another $150 a year from tax write-offs for stuff you don’t need
  • Instilling in your children a lifestyle that embraces simplicity and peace instead of stuff and clutter

*My ideas, not from exact scientific studies

Notice today’s post had more underlining and bold type than any other.  That’s because it gets to the heart of the matter… organizing is important, it takes a plan, and it takes effort.

Do you have what it takes?


I’d love to hear how you keep yourself motivated to be organized!

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Until tomorrow…

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