Beautiful Gift Wrapping Stations on Houzz

I don’t know if you’re a member of, but if you like design or organization  you should be.

Source: via Pam on Pinterest


It’s a bit like Pinterest, but strictly for architecture and design.  Many, many designers and architects post their finished rooms and homes on it, and other people post great home ideas and products on it.  It is comprised of “ideabooks” that are published weekly, instead of being a virtual pinboard from which you have to pick your own ideas.

Whenever I get an email, there are usually many ideabooks that I end up browsing.  Then I can save my favorite photos in different ideabooks of my own.

I thought that this particular article about gorgeous gift wrap stations was fun eye candy, so I’m sharing it with you today!  And toward the bottom of that article is one about how to store ribbons, with some practical ideas for anyone that won’t break the bank.


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