Lights Made Easy

This has been a super busy two weeks.  But I have a few tips I am going to throw your way.

When you go on vacation, do you ever use the automatic timers for your lights to make it look like someone’s home?

Well, why not use one the rest of the time, too?

We use one in the bedroom so we don’t have to cross the room to reach the lamp at night.

We also use one in the living room, timed to the approximate sunset time, so I don’t have to clean up my hands in the middle of making dinner to run over and turn on some lamps.

And when the lamps click off, it’s a reminder to start getting ready to go to sleep!

Here’s our new (antique) chandelier we finally got out of storage and spruced up.  I thought you’d enjoy seeing it!

Please tell me what YOU think here!!

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