Some shocking facts about clutter

I am in the midst of making a change to my blog, so I have not been blogging a lot lately.

Well, that, and the fact that I will have had relatives visiting for about 2 months and I have been off-island for 2 weeks this summer.

So I’m taking a minute to send you some juicy reading….

A friend sent me a great article from the Wall Street Journal about a study done on clutter in the home.  Here are some shocking facts about clutter from that article.

Did you know….

  • 75% of homes can not fit any cars in their garage due to it being filled with other things?
  • The more stuff you have on your fridge the more clutter overall you are likely to have in your home?
  • Clutter in the home creates more stress hormones in women in the evening, but not in men?
  • An average home gains 30% more stuff for each child by preschool age?

Here’s a stack of clutter for ME to take to the library!

The full article can be found here in the Wall Street Journal Online.

How do YOU measure up?  Hope your summer is going well!

3 thoughts on “Some shocking facts about clutter

  1. Blah. I hate clutter. I think sometimes moving frequently with the military helps declutter more regularly, but then if you’re not having the time to really weed out because you’re only somewhere a year, then it can also help you build up junk because you just keep moving the junk from place to place. I feel like I keep getting better about this, but then I look around…. At least the fridge one holds me in good stead! I only have a stuffed fridge the day of a food delivery (not even then usually) or the once-a-month commissary trip. I HATE stuffed fridges!! 🙂

  2. I have nothing on my fridge! 🙂
    The 30% rule definitely applies to kids, I think. Encouraging them to make room for their current interests is necessary for all parents. I remember the happy day when I took the huge plastic kitchen and accessories that my toddlers LOVED but outgrew to the Goodwill.

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