2013 Color of the Year


I’m blogging again.  Not so often. I’m still trying to decide what to make of it.

But I had to share the 2013 Color of the Year announcement made by Pantone just last week.

Here is their Spring 2013 fashion color report.

Not a dull or faded color among them, is there?  They all are bright colors following the trend of pairing well with the “it” neutral, gray, and of course LOTS of BRIGHT WHITES.

Have you noticed people want more of the clean, bright white for decorating instead of an antique or off-white that has been “in” with the muted and earth-tone colors of the past few years?  It used to be “espresso wood” with creams and muted tones, and it is shifting to trying to use espresso with clean whites, which call for brighter, cleaner colors.  I think espresso will be moving on in the next few years, replaced by lighter woods and of course white painted wood which is already starting to be in.

Even companies like Crate and Barrel have replaced their off-white with white and Pottery Barn is starting to follow suit as well.

Anyway, back to Pantone….. their choice for 2013 Color of the Year is:

It’s kind of a dark, inky navy-meets-royal-meets-indigo kind of blue.

It would be great with any kind of beige or gray, and it of course pairs beautifully with white.  Its inspiration is the sea near world-famous Monaco and the sailor-stripe            3/4-length-sleeve shirts one thinks of paired with khaki pants and a glamorous Grace Kelly scarf.

Or perhaps it is from this egg owned by the King of Monaco:


If you have a lot of medium tone woods, like oak or maple, in your home, and you want to make them feel fresh, try using this blue with lots of white or cream!  Here are some more blue images to enjoy:

In other news, I’d taken a long break from blogging. I’ve been trying to figure out how to start my consulting business and the start of school has really put me back!  My new goal is to continue blogging as I have the time and inspiration and wait to plunge into the business.

Thanks for reading!

Please tell me what YOU think here!!

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