Save time and sanity with… your CAMERA?

This tip is one of my favorites, and as I thought of it today while grocery shopping I realized it was a good tip to share.

I like to get healthy items in the bulk foods section, but when you do that you don’t get the cooking instructions like you would on a box.

So, whip out your camera on your phone and take a picture of the instructions!

This tip goes as well for things like:

Library Hours:

School Reminders:

Of course, I still have to put events on my calendar later, but if I don’t have time right as I was gathering the kids and stuff, then I can take the photo and do it later.

I have even used them to take a photo of the kids’ class list to remember all the kids’ names, school supplies lists, or basically any other piece of paper that I don’t want to lug around.  When I need it, I can scroll through my photos.

Other items: movie listings, MAPS, store flyers… anything that you’d need to remember or for a way to save paper.

I’d love to hear your ideas for ways you use your camera!