The Car Seat Spa

I don’t know about you, but my kids have been in school for almost 3 months, and for me that also means the after-school activities are in full swing!

We end up eating many meals or snacks on the go.

So the other day I decided it’s way past time for my Car Seats to get a little Spa treatment!

Step one – wrestling the darn things out of the car.

Step two – make sure you pay attention to how to disassemble them so you can put them back together again.  (Wow that headrest looks grungy!)

Step three – put the covers in the washing machine, washing on gentle cycle.  I have never had a problem with mine but you might want to double check that yours can go in the machine.

Step four – while the covers are in the machine, wipe down and vacuum all those crumbs and sticky things out of your car seat.  This is also a good time to check if your child needs straps moved higher or backs adjusted.

Step five – take a few minutes to clean out your car and the seats that the kids’ car seats rest on.  Fix belt buckles, etc. I use a cordless vacuum if I’m in a hurry or a shop vac with a cord if I’m not.  Wipe off the other parts of the car like cupholders and windows.  And you can easily just shake out your floor mats.

Step six – air dry the covers overnight or dry on a low cycle in the dryer if able.

Step seven – reassemble car seat covers and install in the car correctly.

Ahhh, so much better!  Almost like new!