Time to Spring for a New Purse!

I like to change my purse out for Spring and Fall.  I don’t have a billion purses.  I just like to have a few that I REALLY use.

It’s part of my philosophy:

“Keep ONLY what you LOVE and USE”.

So since it was recently my birthday, I got a new purse.  I happen to like getting the matching wallets as well, since it feels more organized!

Here’s what I got:

I like Kate Spade’s designs since they are not too over the top or fussy.  I was able to snag this set at one of her outlets for a steal!

White is SO in for this Spring.  It goes along with the trend (in both fashion and home design) away from earth tones and creams and browns, to grays and whites with clean colors.  I’ve had a lovely creamy purse for 4 years, so I was due for a change.

Here are a few tips:

  • Try to have a little zippered pouch JUST for all those loyalty cards. That way you don’t clutter up your wallet.  I use this (it came free with some Clinique lotion I bought years ago), but maybe I’ll upgrade!
  • Keep Kleenex, Hand Gel, and Mobile Phone easily accessible
  • Keep Gum, Mints, and Lip Balm somewhat easily accessible
  • Keep all those other things you need on a less frequent basis in the farthest reaches of your purse so you don’t have to dig through them to find the things you need the most!
  • Make sure you don’t have any expired medicines.
  • Treat yourself to a cute checkbook cover!  Mine makes me smile ever since I upgraded from that free blue plastic one.  Here’s a new one I might have to get sometime:

Source: etsy.com via Organized on Pinterest


  • Go through your purse.  OFTEN.  Like every few days.
  • Make sure you gather your coupons in one spot (I’m not talking the grocery ones, which can be a whole different story, but the ones for all the stores you go to like Macy’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, etc.) and throw out the expired ones.
  • Dump out all the crumbs and lint and trash 🙂
  • Restock the band-aids and possibly the little set of crayons 🙂
  • Organize your dollar bills.

Source: qsl.net via Organized on Pinterest


Treat yourself to a wallet that doesn’t require folding your money.  Put the highest denomination in the back and the lowest toward the front.  Make them all face the same direction.  A friend who used to work for a bank told me this years ago and it makes me feel so much more organized.

So what do you keep IN your purse?  How do you organize it?  I’d love to hear from you!