Three Reasons to Keep Your Collection

Do you have any collections?

  • Baseball cards
  • Silver spoons
  • Shot glasses
  • Beer mugs
  • Teddy bears
  • Some other knick-knack

Here are three reasons to keep your collection.

1. If you are under the age of 22.    (I was going to say 18 but I’m feeling generous today.)


2. If your collection is worth a ton of money.


3. If your collection can be used as art in your home.


And let me say these are the ONLY reasons to keep a collection.  Otherwise, you should donate, sell, or throw them away!!!

Now, if you HAVE a collection that you love, then the ONLY way to display them is to do the following:

1. Pick through them and save only your absolute favorites.

2. Group them all together to make a grand statement.  Do NOT under ANY circumstances sprinkle them throughout the house. They will look like clutter, not a collection.

And a final word.  I am not a fan of figurines, and even less of a fan of lit glass “curio cabinets”.  If you have to buy something special just to store your collection, unless it truly can look like art, then you probably shouldn’t have it.