Fifteen Minute Friday

This is the first Fifteen Minute Friday!!!

I’m so excited to share this with you!!!!

Set the timer on your microwave (or another timer) for 15 minutes.  Now pretend that you have guests coming over when the timer beeps.

Then just go around and pick up stuff laying about.  I usually do the kitchen-living-dining area.

The goal is to throw away at least 15 items.  Little scraps of paper and food count too.

The best part is that if you have kids, they can help as well.  They can either help you or do their own room.

When the timer beeps, it’s up to you to do some more or just take a break!

Here’s what I found:

* One big piece of torn paper

* Several magazines (that I take to our magazine exchange at the library)

* Two plates the kids left on the table

* And these poor flowers collected by my kids a few days ago that needed to be tossed (and replaced with fresh ones!)

It just helps the weekend get off to a better start!

I hope your weekend is filled with peace!