New Kitchen Island Color

I am currently getting more and more into design, not just organizing.
One of the areas I like is space planning. (I spent 2 months getting my kitchen design JUST RIGHT).
But the other area of design that really interests me is the whole COLOR consulting part.  So I am taking a class taught by Maria Killam, a “true colour expert” who helped me pick all the paint colors in my house when we bought it two years ago.
When we had to rip out all the flooring to change it from bamboo to tile, I also realized I wanted a different color on the base of my kitchen island.
So I painted the Kitchen Island BM Stonington Gray to match the carrara. I wanted something different from all the wall colors since it was more of a furniture piece than a wall.  Here’s the before and after:



I am probably going to have to split my blog so that I can work on the color side of design and not just organizing.  It seems to be what you all like to read, anyway!

What do you think?