Three things you should have in every room

source: Pinterest


One of my #1  Principles of Home Organization is:

Keep Things Where You Use Them

In that spirit, what are the three things you should have in every room of your house?

#1. SCISSORS!!!!


I am always needing scissors for something.  In the kitchen, it’s to cut pizza or hot dogs into small pieces for the kids. So get some kitchen shears!!!! While you’re at it also put some regular scissors in a drawer for everything else non-food related. In other rooms there is always paper to cut, threads to snip, or even hair that needs a trim.  Seriously, you’ll thank me.  (Except don’t put them in the little kids’ rooms!!)


Source: via April on Pinterest


Call them trash cans or rubbish bins if you like, but we all need a place to deposit things that are no longer needed.  For goodness sake PLEASE at least keep them in your bathrooms!!!!  There’s nothing worse than having a dirty tissue and having to carry it to another room to throw it out.

#3. KLEENEX!!!


Which brings me to why you need the waste basket to begin with.  There’s nothing worse than needing to blow your nose and not being able to find a tissue.

The reason you should keep all these items in every room is to SAVE TIME!

These are not expensive and they will go along with the principle of


So do you have these items in your rooms?  If not, then get going!!!!

And let me know in the comments what YOU keep in every room of YOUR house!