Closet Organization Part 1 – Bedroom

How many of us have traditional “reach-in” style closets with sliding doors?  You know, the ones that allow us to only see half the closet at a time.  Or else we have bi-fold doors that seem to pinch our fingers all the time?

Well, lucky for me when we bought our home two years ago, it had closets with either NO doors or else ones that were broken.

I thought about putting cute curtains up in the frame.  It’s a cost-effective idea and all you need to do is buy some inexpensive curtains and a tension rod.

This is what I did in my last house:

This time, we wanted a more permanent door and we loved the ones in the master bedroom so we bought ones just like them.  They allow for some air circulation even when closed, which is important in a high-humidity place like Hawai’i.  We installed these new doors in the two bedrooms that didn’t have closet doors.

I also like them because they do not fold or slide, but swing completely open. It was important for me to see everything in the closet at once.  It’s such a time saver and it helps me stay more organized!

After a year and a half, though, I knew the that the INSIDE of the closet also needed work.  So after saving up and selling some old furniture, I bought closet organizers.  Let me tell you they are worth EVERY PENNY!

These were from a local company (Closet Systems of Hawai’i) which was cheaper than California Closets.  Here is one of my kids’ closets now:

This is in a 9 foot by 10 foot room, which has large windows across one side.  There was practically no place for the bed in this room (another post) and definitely no room for all the stuff.  So instead of buying a lot of furniture, I invested in the closet system.

I hope you think about that too, the next time you want to buy another bookshelf or storage container.  Start saving up that money instead for a real closet organizer.  You can even build them yourself using pieces from the home improvement store for a lot less.

And doesn’t everyone want to buy a home with custom closets?  So you’ll get your money back too.

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Next post… organizing your toys!